Processing Supervisor

Reference Number: vxbsupproc
Location: Pearl City, IL

Processing Supervisor Job Purpose: Responsible for efficiently managing the egg processing operation.


Processing Supervisor Job Duties:


"              Receive all orders from office and oversee correct order processing.

"              Stage processing of orders to assist in increasing efficiencies and make recommendations to increase efficiencies.

"              Provide labels of other information for orders to machine operator.

"              Create and record daily run information/reports to office.

"              Maintain and observe adequate records, including but not limited to daily run spreadsheets.

"              Maintain plant equipment in optimal operating condition.

"              Meet departmental goals.

"              Work with TPV Production & Animal Husbandry Manager on House settings - constantly changing egg production requirements.

"              Monitor and supervise all equipment, identifying existing and potential problems, including capital equipment.

"              Emphasize safety concerns and perform safety checks, ensuring that safety equipment is in place on all machines and equipment.

"              Meet daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly production goals.

"              Maintain inventory of finished goods and monitor inventory to report potential shortages.

"              Perform research, as directed by the Vice President, to investigate other potential production methods, equipment and more.

"              Ensure that all paperwork and records are completed accurately and in a timely manner.

"              Train, monitor, communicate with, delegate work to, and evaluate processing and warehouse personnel and utilize them to the best of their ability.

"              As per schedule and supervise general maintenance daily.

"              Delegate the staging of labels, cartons and boxes for the next day's production.

"              Supervise sanitation of the work areas throughout the day (do not wait until the end of the day to clean). Keep the work area in a neat, orderly, hazard free condition throughout the day. Ensure all processing equipment is properly cleaned.

"              Evaluate and identify existing and potential challenges and develop and implement solutions and change.

"              Monitor egg flow continuously (every 15 to 20 minutes while the processing machine is operational).

"              Set up and maintain a preventative maintenance schedule by proactively identifying challenges and maintenance needs.

"              Order parts on an as needed basis by obtaining a PO# from the Financial Department.

"              Responsible to ensure sanitation requirements and standards set forth by regulatory agencies.

"              Performs any other duties as may be required, from time to time, by management.

Processing Supervisor Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:

"              Ability and experience necessary to do and operate and repair egg processing and other equipment.

"              Knowledge of or ability to learn required regulatory rules and standards, including but not limited to SQF, USDA, FDA, IDOA.

"              Mathematical skills to verify job requirements, specifications, and read formulas. 

"              Verbal and written communication skills.

"              Demonstrated knowledge and experience with machine automation

"              Demonstrated knowledge and application of preventive/predictive maintenance

"              Demonstrated ability to analyze, troubleshoot and resolve problems

"              Demonstrated knowledge of efficient and safe manufacturing operations

"              Demonstrated ability to analyze, troubleshoot and resolve problems

"              Demonstrated knowledge of efficient and safe manufacturing operations

"              Ability to cooperate and work closely with others, while being a "team player".

"              Ability to move body within a full range of body movements.

"              Ability to stand for prolonged periods of time.



Processing Supervisor Education/Experience:

"              Requires: High school diploma or GED and 3 years or more experience as a supervisor of an equivalent farm or related operation.

"              Prefers: Completed apprenticeship and/or formal training in area of specialty, at least 5 years of experience in the field or in a related area, previous experience working with FANUC Robotics or other manufacturing robotics and bi-lingual Spanish speaking, egg production experience a plus.

Processing Supervisor Quality and Safety Measures:

"              Every employee is responsible for food safety and food quality.

"              Every employee is responsible for adhering to and practicing all safety measures and rules.

"              Maintained high quality standards for all products.

"              Makes it understood that THE CUSTOMER IS OUR FIRST PRIORITY and that each employee is here to support that priority.

Processing Supervisor Working Conditions:

"              Working conditions vary with each task.

"              Includes low to medium noise levels.

"              90% of work performed in temperature controlled environment.

"              10% of work performed in cooler environment (38-45 degrees) 

Processing Supervisor Schedule:

"              Work days may be from 8 to 12 hours per day, including but not limited to early morning, late evenings and weekends.

"              Start time daily at 6:00am, unless otherwise indicated by management.

"              Acceptable attendance as defined within the employee handbook.