Die Cast Process Technician

Reference Number: jdsdcproc
Location: Spirit Lake, IA

Reports directly to the Process Control Engineer for die casting process control concerns.
- Work with Production, Engineering, and Quality to control the die casting process, produce high quality castings and resolve quality and/or

  die cast machine operation problems. 

- Check that all encoders / transducers are transmitting information to the Shotscope System at the beginning and end of each shift. 

- Constantly monitor the die cast process (through the Shot monitor system) and die cast machine performance to ensure a stable die casting


- Verify that the die cast machine is set according the Die Cast Machine Set-Up Sheet.

- Prepare and update Die Cast Set-Up Sheets by part number, sleeve number and machine.

- Complete the Process Control Evaluation Sheet to determine the ideal parameters for a specific process.

- Monitor the die cast spray concentration on a daily basis.

- Respond to immediate Die Casting concerns as necessary. 

- Trouble shoot the die casting process to reduce and/or eliminate quality problems.

- Document any problems/occurrences related to die cast process control on the Running History Problems Report.

- Communicate any die casting problems to the following shift.

- Initiates Change to Process Request(s) as needed.

- Develop processes to manufacture new products and adapt existing processes to improve and/or reduce the cost of producing die castings.

- Conduct machine capability studies on a semiannual frequency and generate graphs to compare against previous data.

- Assist in D.O.E's to generate continuous improvement in manufacturing and quality of die cast product.

- Report needs for Corrective / Preventive Action to the Director of Process Control and/or the Director of Quality Assurance.


- Education Minimum: High School Diploma, with concentration in math and science curriculum.

- Must have previous experience in die casting / production industry in production or process areas.

- Strong mechanical aptitude