Darryl Ingram

Account Executive

262-886-8000 ext. 239

I once had a coach tell me that the passionate pursuit of excellence does not just happen by accident.  He said that it is a decision that an individual makes one day, and supports that decision with action on every subsequent day.   I have tried to live my life by this idea in all that I do. I hope that my experiences as an athlete, father, husband and student speak to this passion.

I know that my 20 years of experience as a business person speaks to this passion. In doing so, I seek to be a resource for everyone.  I listen and ask to understand, not just to respond.   I seek alignment in all of my interactions with the intent to be a leader so that my leadership serves.  I believe that we should help our customers and our clients to be the people and the organizations they want to be. Always

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