Jamie Rauth

Manager of Recruitment

262-886-8000 ext. 216

My Philosophy:

It’s not just about brining home a paycheck, it’s about connecting people and... Recruiting/headhunting/staffing… call it what you will. It’s so much more than putting breathing bodies into open seats.

To me, it’s about making matches, helping to fulfill dreams, understanding the needs and nuances of the hiring company and position, and playing a part in the industry that I love – plastics manufacturing.

It’s the shout of joy you hear when you tell an individual they are getting a great job offer from a great company that happens to be in the city they most want to live in.

It’s about finding a new opportunity for a father who promised his high-school-aged daughter they wouldn’t move again at least until she is in college.

It’s about hearing and understanding a company’s aggressive growth goals and visions for the future and then turning over every leaf until you find the right team to take that company to a new level.

Recruiting is a challenging, fast-paced, and competitive environment.  I take is seriously, and I strive to change lives by making matches.

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