Our Recruiting Team

Our Search Consultants are committed to bringing an unmatched level of integrity to every search and placement. Please take some time to get to know our talented team.


Construction Recruiter,Commercial Roofing Construction Recruitier
Linda Culver
Manager of Recruitment
Roofing/Architectural Millwork
(262) 886-8000 ext. 224
General Contracting Construction Recruiter,Construction Recruiter,Commercial Fire Protection Construction Recruiter
Kevin Matson
Manager of Recruitment
Fire Protection/General Contracting
(262) 886-8000 ext. 247
Commercial Construction Recruiter,Mechanical Commercial Construction Recruiter
Laurie Seaman
Manager of Recruitment
(262) 886-8000 ext. 215
Commercial Construction Recruiter,Construction Recruiter
Dylan Leeper
Account Executive
(262) 886-8000 ext. 248