Driver Manager

Job Location: 
Akron, OH

The Driver Manager is a critical member of the team. This position is responsible for the relationship with an assigned group of drivers to ensure the driver experience is a positive one and making any driver terminal recommendations to the Terminal Manager. Also, the Driver Manager is directly responsible for determining the level of driver and tractor capacity available for dispatch on a daily basis, impacting revenue generation and asset utility.


Essential Functions:

Works with assigned group of drivers on a daily basis to ensure maximum utility of their hours and that each driver's earnings are maximized while maintaining the desired standard of living for each individual driver

Work with Maintenance facility on a daily basis to ensure all drivers and tractors are in a high level of repair and in full compliance to all federal, state and local regulations as well as all compliance standards

Maintain a driver calendar to be used but the planner of all drivers requested time off and other compliance related time the driver is not available to work.

Ensure drivers hours of service are properly updated in the Peoplenet system and make any needed authorized updates

Counsel drivers on safety, compliance and service issues as needed to include written documentation of any and all such counseling.

Ensure all monthly Infiniti training is completed and work with drivers and safety to assign other need refreshers as driver performance dictates

Work with all IC's to help them make good business decisions in accepting freight and ensuring they are prepared for all repair costs that will ultimately occur

Work with the DA daily to ensure all priorities are being met

Work with Terminal Manager to develop a needed disciplinary actions consistent with the Disciplinary Action SOPs and maximize the personal growth of all drivers and ICs.


Skill/Knowledge Requirements:

Good communication skills and ability to deal with people;

High School Diploma or equivalent; 2 year business degree preferred;

2-3 years bulk transportation industry experience;

Knowledge of DOT requirements;

Experience with safety procedures;

Working knowledge of Word & Excel.





High School or better.




2 years: Transportation industry experience

1 year: Experience with safety procedures

1 year: Knowledge of DOT requirements


Recruiter Name: 
Dustin Kollman
Recruiter Phone: 
(262) 886-8000 ext. 214

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