Foundry Supervisor

Job Location: 
Oostberg, WI

Foundry Supervisor

This is a working supervisor position. The Foundry Supervisor will be on the floor for the entirety of the shift with limited supervision and therefore must have strong problem-solving abilities. This person will have responsibility for the Melt Department and will report directly to Plant Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

Must treat safety as 1st priority in all aspects

Read Travelers and production schedules to create melt schedule

Oversee furnace and ladle lining and maintenance procedures

Sampling of metal with spoon to pour chemistry and microstructure samples

Calculating alloy additions required to ensure castings meet specifications

Work with furnace tender to provide appropriate tap temperature, weights, and chemistries for each heat

Maintain inventory and order any production supplies (i.e. furnace supplies, ladle supplies, alloys, thermocouples)

Maintain neat and orderly workstations

Report equipment malfunction to maintenance

Forward-thinking and planning to determine the most efficient and practical way to distribute iron in order to meet production goals

Perform other duties as required by management


High school diploma/GED

Preferred 3+ years’ experience as supervisor in similar role. Less than 3 years of experience will be considered with on the job training.

Strong organizational skills

Able to work overtime and weekends as needed

Must be able to stand for an entire shift

Required PPE to protect from heat and splashes of hot metal

Strong basic math capabilities

Maintain an excellent attendance record

Comply with all safety, quality and operating rules and procedures

Strong understanding of ferrous alloys preferred

Strong understanding of coreless induction furnaces preferred

Team oriented

Recruiter Name: 
Jared Smerchek
Recruiter Phone: 
(262) 886-8000 ext. 232
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