Project Manager

Job Location: 
Milwaukee, WI

The purpose of this position is to support field operations by ensuring coordination of information and proper, timely material ordering to meet the project schedule. Duties which are expected to be performed include but are not limited to;

• Ensure all permits and plan reviews are coordinated in a timely manner

• Ensure appropriate quantity and type of material are ordered to meet the project schedule and daily work flow

• Attend project meetings as required

• Coordinating and scheduling with subcontractors

• Ensure field supervisor and job foreman are aware of any specialized equipment needs

• Ensure all direct charges are recorded to the job

• Ensure all change orders are tracked, recorded and provided to the customer in a timely manner

• Correspond and communicate with field personnel, GC, subcontractors and internal staff to ensure the job needs are met

• Coordinate periodic meetings with field supervisor / job foreman to review project status

• Assist field supervisor with setting benchmark objectives towards completion of job

• Ensure project bench marks are achieved and job schedule is maintained

• Encourage an environment of open communications and a culture of safety

Education, training and experience

Recruiter Name: 
Dustin Kollman
Recruiter Phone: 
(262) 886-8000 ext. 214

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