Trust Operations

Job Location: 
Dallas, TX

This position is a key team position in the Trust Department working with customers and outside vendors.  This position works with other trust personnel in processing and balancing the daily transactions occurring in the department.  This position backs up other staff with their duties and is in turn backed up by them.  This person oversees the opening of new accounts, fee collections, deposits, and account distributions.  The position has a major impact on trust clients and their accounts.  Proper execution of the job duties and tasks ensure the proper financial impact to our customers and our organization.  All processes and tasks will have a major impact on regulatory/audit review scores.  Not applying the procedures and process can have a significant negative financial impact.  Independent thinking, problem solving, and problem avoidance are critical to success in this position.  Well-disciplined thinking and learning processes are a must.



Processing of client account setup.  Reviews new account documentation for completeness.  Obtains proper signatures, and reviews for compliance; works with sending institution to provide proper documentation.

Monthly Fee Processing.  Checks account fee setups; reviews monthly reports; reconciles fees with vendors; reviews CTF fund fee and audit accruals; works with controllers department as needed.

Account Distribution Requests.  Reviews all distribution requests from qualified plans and personal accounts.  Provides training to processors; reviews all tax reporting on distributions; Backups processors as needed.

Closing Account Process.  Receives client closing account requests; reviews for proper documentation; works with staff to create distributions; stores all documentation; works with receiving institution for proper acceptance.

Complying with BSA/OFAC regulations.  Participating in annual training and complying with all BSA/OFAC compliance on account openings, closings, transfer, and distributions in accordance with department policies and procedures.

Ensures responsibilities are carried out in compliance with all applicable banking regulations, and to ensure audit, compliance, and regulatory findings related to specific areas of responsibility resolved timely in accordance with managements’ approved action plan.

Maintains strong working knowledge of all applicable Bank Policies and Procedures directly or indirectly related to areas of responsibility and ensures policy requirements are carried out.

Any other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time.



Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience.


Position Knowledge/Experience: 

Trust accounting, ERISA compliance, or similar experience is preferred. 

Excellent computer skills are a must. 

Working effectively within a small team environment is paramount. 

Attention to detail; efficiency minded, procedure driven are characteristics that are required. 

Using new methods or processes must be part of the thinking process.

This position requires knowledge of BSA compliance regulations for trust activities and assists in monitoring compliance within the scope of the department.


Recruiter Name: 
Byron Vargas
Recruiter Phone: 
(262) 886-8000 ext. 260
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