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Customize your approach to specialized manufacturing, banking, wealth management, and construction recruitment.

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Engaged Search

We find the senior-level candidates you require to fill those leadership positions responsible for the future of your company. Through industry-dedicated networks, we find those passive candidates with a record of success—those technical, intellectual, and cultural leaders driven and ready to take the helm of their next great professional challenge. For our retainer fee, we put all our resources to work, ensuring a placement that is an exact match for your professional mission.

contract placement

Contract Placement

The growth of a business is not symmetrical, constant, or even. The unexpected can be present around every corner of organizational development. Our contract placement and staffing solutions offer efficient short-term hiring solutions to address unplanned vacancies, rapid growth, and any need for project-based specialized talent. We deliver proven candidates who can hit the ground running, providing the essential human capital necessary to keep your momentum fixed and building.

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Contingency Search

You have a business to run, projects to manage, and opportunities to capitalize on. Recruitment workloads can be overwhelming due to the amount of resources dedicated to the discovery, vetting, and acquisition of high-quality candidates. Our contingency search offers the reach without the financial risk. Our manufacturing, banking, wealth management, and construction recruitment professionals focus on their specific markets, offering accurate, real-time hiring perspectives, enabling timely and accurate placement.

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Sourcing as a Service

As an RPO, PointOne serves as a literal extension of your company, taking over the recruitment and onboarding process, using the data we gain during the process to enhance all of your strategic planning efforts. The diversity of our larger networks boosts the efficiency of the recruitment process and leads to the lowering of retention costs through more effective placement. For a monthly fee, we shape the entirety of the hiring experience, marketing your organization to truly impactful candidates and establishing a carefully crafted brand.

Your business deserves an approach as unique as you.